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It’s hard to shop for clothing that’s ethically and sustainably made. We’re here to help. 

After realizing how time consuming and challenging it is to shop for clothing that pays garment workers fairly and uses environmentally sustainable materials, our founders decided there had to be a better way. So, they started reading up on the issues, took the plunge into entrepreneurship, and set out to build a company that would change the way that people shop.

The team that walks the talk.

Impact is built into our DNA.

Founders Erin Houston and Emily Kenney spent a combined 20 years in international development – from working with large corporations incorporating responsible practices into their business to leading impact programs on the ground with organizations in over 5 countries.

We’ve brought this expertise into all that we do at wearwell. 

Learn more about what we mean by impact.

Our vision for change

We believe that one of the most effective ways to spark change is to vote with your dollar. And in order to make a meaningful difference in an industry that employs over 14 million garment workers around the globe (over 85% of whom are women), we can only drive this change together.