Get to Know PURPOSE Jewelry: Supporting Women Through Ethical Fashion

Wearwell s Co-Founder, Emily Kenney, chats with Grace Todd, Assistant Manager at PURPOSE Jewelry in Irvine, California, to talk about all things sustainability, favorite jewelry, and her commitment to ethical fashion.

Emily Kenney: What about PURPOSE Jewelry’s mission motivates you?

Grace Todd: Everyday I show up for work motivated by the women that we support here at PURPOSE Jewelry. The jewelry is handmade by women seeking a pathway out of human trafficking; this mission is what brought me to this job in the first place. I, along with the whole PURPOSE team, believe in creating a healthy and nurturing environment where women can heal from their past. PURPOSE Jewelry exists because we believe in these women and we believe in supporting them to create a better future. 

Oasis Necklace sustainably and ethically made from Purpose Jewelry brass gold at wearwell

Oasis Necklace, Brass

Emily: How did your interest in sustainable fashion begin?

Grace: I first learned that forced labor exists when I was in high school. This knowledge pushed me to get a degree in business administration with a minor in women and justice studies. After college, I continued to learn about the realities of unethical fashion which motivated me to make a difference through a career in the field of business and fashion. 

Emily: What’s one piece of advice you would give someone who is just beginning to build their sustainable wardrobe?

Grace: I would say to keep educating yourself - don't be overwhelmed by all the little changes you can make, just choose one lifestyle change and be consistent in it. The key to building a sustainable wardrobe is to not overwhelm yourself - do what you can! 

Chara Earrings in silver and gold, hoops ethically made and sustainable by Purpose Jewelry sold by wearwell

Chara Earrings

Emily: Absolutely, we completely agree with that advice! Sustainability in fashion can be described in many different ways. How do you define “sustainable fashion”?  

Grace: Sustainable fashion means buying pieces for your wardrobe that are ethically made.  

Emily: In 3 words, how do you describe PURPOSE Jewelry’s aesthetic?

Grace: Three words that describe PURPOSE's aesthetic are stunning, elegant, and striking.

Emily: What are your three favorite styles from Purpose?

Grace: I love any earring style, especially the XO Studs, Coin Studs, and our Bali Hoops.

Bali Hoops, Silver Hoops | Wearwell sustainable, eco-friendly fashion and accessories

 Bali Hoops

Emily: Great choices! My personal favorite PURPOSE style is the Oasis Necklace, it's so beautiful. Anything else you want to share with our wearwell community?

Grace: We are so grateful for the wearwell community - all you do to help spread awareness about sustainable fashion is truly inspiring to our team. Keep it up!

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