How Rachel Holdredge Promotes Body Love While Having Fun with Fashion

Wearwell's Co-Founder, Emily Kenney, chats with Rachel Holdredge of Curvy, Colorful & Awkward about her journey in sustainable fashion and her tips for sustainable living.

Emily Kenney: Hi, Rachel! To start things off, can you share a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start Curvy, Colorful & Awkward?

Rachel Holdredge: I'm a plus size content creator who loves colorful fashion and promoting body love. Clothes have always given me a voice and allowed me to express myself. I started blogging and sharing my outfits back in 2019 and my goal was to create a space where I could share the things that made me feel confident and beautiful and connect with others who may feel the same way. I was bullied throughout my childhood for being overweight and spent most of my life feeling overlooked and invisible. Something clicked as I got older and I began speaking up about how I was bullied and found that there were so many others feeling the same way. My little corner of the internet has connected me with some lovely people and helped all of us not feel so alone. My goal continues to be sharing colorful outfits, promoting body love, and encouraging others. 



Emily: Love that you’ve built a community for body love and fun fashion! What do you believe is the biggest misconception about plus size fashion? 

Rachel: "If you build it, they will come." Ha! Seriously though. If brands make it, we will buy it. I wish more brands understood this. If you include us, we will support you. We want the same options and want the same shopping experience as straight sizes. 

Emily: Absolutely, plus size options should be the norm! We’re proud to offer options up to 5X and are always looking to provide even more options for our community. If you could describe your fashion philosophy in one sentence, what would it be? 

Rachel: Have fun and wear what makes YOU happy because life is too short. 

Rachel, Instagram Curvy Colorful and Awkward | Wearwell sustainable, eco-friendly fashion and accessories

Rachel, Curvy, Colorful & Awkward

Emily: Such a good philosophy to have! How do you mix sustainable fashion with your own personal style? 

Rachel: I invest in pieces I will wear frequently. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts, so I started there. Over the last year I began downsizing and making room in my closet (and wallet) for pieces that I will reach for more frequently all year round. I love a loud statement dress that I can wear alone, with tights, with a sweater over, or a sheer turtleneck under. 

Emily: Yes, learning to style pieces for different seasons is a game changer for creating a year-round, sustainable wardrobe. Can you share your favorite fashion hack with us? 

Rachel: I have a few. Don't be afraid to layer. Wearing a sweater or an old t-shirt over a dress (or under) is a great way to get more wear out of something. Don't be afraid to take your clothes to a tailor. Sometimes a small alteration can make such a difference and give you more confidence because the garment now looks as if it was made for you. Lastly, and I'm not sure this is really a hack, ignore the size on your tag. Don't let your happiness be controlled by numbers sewn into clothing. Your size fluctuates through life and brands are never consistent. If something doesn't fit, go up or down a size until it does. Period.

Rachel Holdredge, Curvy Colorful and Awkward | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Rachel, Curvy, Colorful & Awkward

Emily: All of those are great tips! In 3 words, how do you describe your personal style aesthetic

Rachel: Colorful. Confident. Happy. 

Emily: And what’s next for Curvy, Colorful & Awkward - any exciting sustainable goals or new things that you’re looking forward to? 

Rachel: I'll be continuing to downsize and make more meaningful purchases. I'm also looking forward to finally learning how to sew. I'd love to start making clothes and eventually sell them. That's more of a 5 year goal, but it's something I'm actively working toward. 

Emily: So exciting! Anything else you want to share with wearwell’s community? 

Rachel: I may sound like a broken record, but life is too short to spend your time wishing you had enough confidence to wear something. It truly doesn't matter what others think. Wear what makes you happy and don't be afraid to try new things or invest in quality pieces. 

Emily: You can never say that too much! Those are words to live by. 

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