How Personal Styling Has Changed Our Approach to Shopping And Why We’re Making it Unlimited

While building their careers in social impact, wearwell's co-founders Erin Houston and Emily Kenney learned all the dirty little secrets of the fashion industry impact. Wearwell is on a mission to make it easy to buy the most ethical and sustainable products and support the brands making a positive impact for garment workers, artisans, and the environment.  

Who doesn’t love a little style inspo? When it comes to shopping ethically and sustainably, the quest to build a wardrobe that you love to wear and can feel great about is often challenging and time-consuming. We started wearwell because it should be easy to create the sustainable wardrobe of your dreams. While you can shop thousands of ethically made items at wearwell, all from brands vetted to meet the very highest impact standards, we love that you can also shop with the help of a personal stylist to discover styles curated just for you. And (drumroll please…) starting now, personal styling is unlimited for wearwell members! 

Why we’re making personal styling unlimited

Our stylists are just like that friend you wish you could always go shopping with. They pick out something you might not have thought to try, help you find what you feel best in, and understand what it is you are looking for. And, just like you, they care about the impact their purchases make and want to see a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. So, if we want to make building a sustainable wardrobe truly easy-as-pie, access to styling whenever you need it is a no-brainer!

Wearwell Personal Styling Session Stylist Picks

Here’s how personal styling sessions have been game-changers for us: 

Work/Life Changes 

When you’ve made a career change - either to an entirely new environment or you’re taking a break from the workplace for other life priorities - it can feel overwhelming to find the right items that fit your new lifestyle. We encountered this when we left our 9-5’s in Washington, DC for startup life. We suddenly found ourselves ditching office wear for leggings day in and day out, and, while super comfy, it was a little less than energizing. A few suggestions on new wardrobe staples from a stylist can be just the thing to make you feel inspired to wear real pants again without sacrificing comfort.  

Special Occasions 

Whether the holiday party season is approaching or you’ve got some life events of loved ones to celebrate, it can take a lot of effort to find just what you’re looking for and then know how to style it right! Maybe you want to know which jewelry and bag will be best to spice up your favorite LBD that’s already in your closet or you might be ready to try out a whole new look for an event. A personal styling session is our secret trick to make finding the right outfit for that occasion feel extra special. 

Wearwell Ethical and Sustainable Personal Styling  

Packing for Vacation 

We can personally attest to how different individual packing strategies can be. Erin starts filling her suitcase at least 3 days before departure, and Emily picks the perfect outfits the night before. But what we both have in common is wanting to make sure we’re dressed for the destination! We love booking a personal styling session a month or two before a trip as a way to make getting ready for travel a breeze and amp up your excitement for the vacation. 

Commitment to a Capsule Wardrobe 

Our Stylist Lead, Meg, is all about a capsule wardrobe. She knows from personal experience how to pick the best foundational and statement pieces so that you’ve got plenty of versatility without an overabundance of items. Meg or one of our expert stylists can be a tremendous help if you’re starting to build a capsule wardrobe or if you’re looking to refresh some of your essentials. 

Here’s what unlimited styling means for wearwell members

If you’re a wearwell annual member, you’ll automatically get styled seasonally, just like you do today, but you can also book extra complimentary styling sessions whenever you’d like! 

If you’re a wearwell monthly member, you can now choose to book a personal styling session whenever you’d like, free of charge. 

All you need to do is add Personal Styling to your cart when you’re logged into your membership account, use promo code MEMBERSONLYSTYLING at checkout, and wait for your stylist’s picks to arrive in your inbox.

Not yet a wearwell member but want to try out wearwell styling? You can access personal styling sessions anytime for just $10.  

Book your next personal styling session today!

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