Essential Sustainable Winter Wardrobe Picks from an Astrology-Loving Stylist

Alexandra Martin is a wearwell stylist living in NYC. When she's not creating stylist picks for wearwell members, she enjoys cooking old-school vegan health food, reading historical nonfiction, diving into astrology, and hanging out with her beloved friends. 

Whether you know your sun, moon, and rising signs or you’re simply astro-curious, astrology can be so much fun to explore. Despite some healthy skepticism, my astrological journey has been a real joy and has helped me to notice things about myself, others, and the cycles of life that I hadn’t seen before. Life is weird, so let’s leave a little space for the mysterious? I especially love applying astrology to daily life choices like what to add to your wardrobe!

Read on to see what sustainable piece this star-reading stylist suggests you add to your closet! 


Stella Hoops, Noir | Sustainable, Ethical Jewelry | Wearwell

Stella Hoops, Noir

Aries are always thinking about the big picture, and I’m here to remind you to pay attention to the details this season. One of my favorite cool weather hacks is a pair of bold black earrings. These babies will stretch your wardrobe as the temperature drops by matching your black tights, adding cohesion to your look when your dress doesn’t exactly go with black. 


Sofia Shoes, Caramel | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Footwear | Wearwell

The Sofia, Caramel

The mix of laid-back and lux that these shoes represent screams “grounded Earth sign ruled by beauty-loving Venus”, making them perfect for a Taurus. They will blend right into your most polished outfits and add some class to your favorite casual sweater and jean pairing. 


Gracie Dress, Red | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Dresses | Wearwell

Gracie Dress, Red

Gemini’s keep things fresh sartorially. Instead of preferring a single favorite thing, your innate duality means your preference is variety! This dress offers a classic, flattering fit in a stand-out color for a look that is as unique as you! 


 Effie Fairisle Sweater | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Sweaters | Wearwell

Effie Fairisle Sweater

Cancer’s emotional depth means you lean into hygge hard in the winter. I present you with this cozy sweater that feels like a security blanket, perfect for days at home or when you’re inspired to venture out for an adventure. Thank me later! 


Alexis Twill Trousers, Black | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Pants | Wearwell

Alexis Twill Trousers, Black

Leo, regal queen of the sky, are you surprised that I recommend you add a simple basic to your wardrobe right now? I know you (I am you) and while you have lots of clothes, you often feel like you have nothing to wear. You need more basics, darling. These classic black pants will expand your selection of outfits better than a flashy new showpiece. 


Carlotta Leaf Blouse, Khaki Green | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Tops | Wearwell

Carlotta Leaf Blouse, Khaki Green

Virgos have a well-deserved reputation for being practical, but your elegance doesn’t get enough praise. You’ll appreciate the sophisticated construction of this blouse: the perfectly subtle puff in the sleeve, the unique collar treatment, the graceful inverted box pleat running down the back, the way it looks avant-garde when worn loose or prim and polished when tucked. I genuinely think this blouse was designed by a Virgo or at least under a Virgo sky! 


Reese Velvet Trousers, Navy | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Pants | Wearwell

Reese Velvet Trousers, Navy

Libra is the second sign in the zodiac to be ruled by Venus. The sumptuous beauty of these trousers is oh so very Venusian: beautiful to look at and a pleasure to touch. Amplify the sensuality of the velvet by pairing it with a unique texture up top. Think satin, lace, or knitwear to find the balance you love! 


Georgia Tote Bag, Hunter Green Leather | Sustainable, Ethical Bags and Accessories | Wearwell

Georgia Tote Bag, Green Hunter Leather

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, a planet that represents expansive mystery, and the deep muted green of this large-scale bag suits that to a tee. This color has an enchanting way of shapeshifting and will suit your all-black outfits as easily as one based on neutrals or bold patterns. 


Yoga Scoop Neck Crop Top and Pocket Leggings, Spruce Green | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Clothing | Wearwell

Yoga Scoop Crop Top + Yoga Pocket Leggings, Spruce Green

Sagittariuses are a winter-born fire sign, making your relationship with cold weather a bit fraught. Instead of dressing for a day out, I recommend you add some new workout clothes to your wardrobe. These joyful pieces will inspire you to feed your inner fire and ward off the winter gloomies with a fun workout.


Penelope Merino Wool Sweater | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Tops | Wearwell

Penelope Merino Sweater

Every Capricorn I know dresses somehow sultry yet modest all at once. To get this look, I suggest adding a fine gauge sweater to your wardrobe this year. If you didn’t have a knitting obsession around 2010, fine gauge means many stitches of thin yarn in each inch. This technique results in a thin, sleek sweater that doesn't add bulk for a look that is both chic and cozy. 


Srey Handwoven Cinched Top, Jade Green | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Tops | Wearwell

Srey Handwoven Cinched Top - Jade

I love this top for being a stand-out statement piece without following a specific trend. This is just perfect for you, Aquarius, who truly marches to your own rhythm! The fluidity of the pattern conjures up an abstract image of running water and ocean depths, perfect for the sign also known as The Water Bearer. 


Mallow Short Dress, Black Floral | Sustainable, Ethical Women's Clothing | Wearwell

Mallow Short Dress

I truly cannot think of a better wardrobe addition for a Piscean dreamer like you than this dress. Poet sleeves, a romantic flouncy skirt, and a historically accurate pattern based on antique wallpaper join forces for a look that is peak Neptune creativity! 

Did I get your sign right? Find more pieces perfect for this season in our New Arrivals.

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