How One Stylist Embraces Sustainable Maximalism

Meg DeBoard is wearwell’s Stylist Lead — based in sunny L.A. She starts her day with an iced Americano and ends with a spicy margarita. Meg is an advocate for capsule wardrobes and a vibrant dress is her go-to outfit for everything from work to walking her pups, Winston and Banksy.

Growing up in Hawai’i meant leaning into a love of color, prints, and a vibrant home. In my mid-twenties, I lived in London for a couple of years and found myself dressing and decorating with neutrals (all while feeling quite posh). This neutral aesthetic really worked for me as I moved back to the States in my late twenties and started learning about and investing in becoming more sustainable. 

However, shortly after, I looked at my wardrobe and around my home and realized that a mainly gray-beige-blue color scheme didn’t spark as much joy as it once had. While I looked put together, I wanted to bring some brightness back to my wardrobe and home to make it feel more like me. But I wondered – what would bringing “more” into these spaces mean for building a sustainable wardrobe, home, and lifestyle? 

Adelaide Tiered Mini Dress, Eucalyptus Teal | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

The Adelaide Tiered Mini Dress celebrates color and can be worn classically with nude wedges or pumped up even more with bold earrings and sparkly boots.

Enter: Sustainable Maximalism. Maximalism can easily sound like having an excess of something, but when we’re talking about “sustainable maximalism,” it actually refers to bright or bold colors and patterns. When I learned about this, it changed how I thought about sustainability and has made shopping consciously a practice that fits my style.

Hilma Necklace, Dusted Clay | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Jewelry

Opting for bright and bold jewelry with a monochromatic theme (like with the Hilma Necklace) is what sustainable maximalism is all about!

Sustainable Maximalist Shopping 101

Maximalism is definitely possible to achieve with Mother Earth in mind! My two biggest tips are to shop from sustainable brands when you add to your wardrobe and always consider the end of life of an item. If you’re opting for bright, fun pieces to satisfy the maximalist style, invest in pieces you really love so that you’ll get the maximum use out of them. There are so many fun and funky sustainable styles available that are also ethical.

Affordable Maximalism

For those who are on a budget (*raises hand*) and feel drawn to fast fashion options so you can have more-more-more, look at secondhand pieces instead! I love wearwell’s secondhand options in their wearwellagain collection to discover new pieces for a fraction of the price. Let’s be honest, what’s better than thrifting secondhand pieces that were already created sustainably and ethically? Win-win-win!

Wearwellagain Secondhand Clothing Collection | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Check out the full wearwellagain collection

Mix + Match Your Layers

Sustainable maximalism is all about layering patterns and combining colors in a way that brings you joy. To master this aesthetic, try mixing up what you already own in fun and new ways. Don’t be afraid to layer and opt for bold choices in your everyday life. Try layering the Marley Cardigan over the Kenzie Tank for a sharp color contrast or over the Joni Classic Shirt to mix patterns for a day at the office. 

Marley Cardigan, Khaki Green | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

A simple, yet effective way to zhuzh up your outfit is to add a layer like the Marley Cardigan!

My Go-To Sustainable + Maximalist Brands

If you’re wondering where to begin finding inspiring pieces that fit the bill for sustainable maximalism, you’re in the right place! Start by simply adding bright and fun pieces that catch your eye to your wardrobe. My favorites here at wearwell are Mata Traders for bold patterned dresses, Maelu for tops in rich colors, and Faire Collection for statement jewelry. You could even go bright and bold with your bags, like the handwoven styles from Mercado Global

For more ways to incorporate maximalism in your wardrobe, check out wearwell's full collection.

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