How to Find Your Perfect LBD

Meg DeBoard is wearwell’s Stylist Lead who enjoys starting her day with an iced Americano (yes, even when it’s a little cold out!) and ending it with a spicy margarita. Her go-to outfits include vibrant dresses and structured denim with a simple tee and a blazer. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Chris, and their two pups, Winston and Banksy.

Do you ever have the feeling that everyone has the perfect Little Black Dress (LBD) in their closet? I am a lover of color and missed the memo on needing one until the day came when I was heading to an event and realized that the perfect outfit to pair with my rose gold wedges would be an LBD. Tragic. But here’s the thing: LBDs are so ubiquitous that it can become overwhelming to select which is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. And it can be even harder to find one that’s ethically and sustainably made! But, I’m here to help. Keep reading as I break down what to look for in your perfect LBD or schedule a styling session to get personalized input from one of our incredible stylists.

If you want to highlight your waist…

Look for a classic A-line option! The one that I’ve been wearing almost weekly is the Inez Bubble Sleeve Dress.

Inez Bubble Sleeve Dress | Wearwell Ethical, Sustainable Black Dresses

It’s easy to dress up with heels and statement earrings, or sometimes I’ll pair it with white sneakers and a belt bag for a more casual look. I also love the Callie Wrap Dress because of its ultra-flattering neckline and wrap style, which really makes it unique in a sea of options!

Callie Wrap Dress | Wearwell Ethical, Sustainable Black Dresses

If you want a dress that will hug your booty… 

Choose LBDs with a snug fit. The Aja Dress can be worn year-round: as-is on warmer days or layered with a long-sleeve tee and tights as it gets colder.

To get more dressed up, opt for the Priti Crossback Dress. It (and you!) will fit snugly into a formal event, like a cocktail attire wedding or your company’s fancy holiday party.

Priti Cross Back Dress | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Black Dresses

Simply add boots for a chic ensemble.

If you’re always swimming in dresses… 

Opt for a mini dress! The Ari Peasant Dress is a fun and casual LBD option that won’t drown your stature. It’s perfect for throwing on and heading out the door without having to accessorize - an instantly cute outfit!

Ari Peasant Dress, Black | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Black Dresses

A dress that’s cinched in at the waist can make all that fabric feel more manageable and the Montrose Tie Dress will do that for you. The belt is removable if you’re into options!

Montrose Tie Dress, Black | Wearwell Ethical, Sustainable Black Dresses

If you have a special occasion coming up, the Gracie Dress is the LBD for you. It’s comfy and is a no-fuss fashion statement. Yes, you can belt it or layer with a blazer or cardigan, but it’s also easy and put-together as-is.

 Gracie Dress, Black | Wearwell Ethical, Sustainable Clothing and Accessories

If you love length…

Try the effortless Mumbai Maxi Dress! This dress can be worn as-is or belted, depending on how you prefer to accessorize.

 Mumbai Maxi Dress, Black | Wearwell Ethical and Sustainable Clothing

For a full-length maxi that shows a little leg, you’ll love the Miranda Dress.

Miranda Dress, Black | Wearwell Ethical Sustainable Clothing

Ready for fall and winter? Bring on the Corey Rib Dress which hugs you in all the right places and gets you ready to go apple picking and sip cider.

Corey Rib Dress, Black | Wearwell Ethical, Sustainable Clothing and Accessories

If you’re not sure an LBD is for you…

Maybe you’ve skipped LBDs in the past because they’ve felt too plain and boring for you. In that case, opt for a fun print or a jumpsuit!

Rita Long Sleeve Jumpsuit, Black | Wearwell Ethical Sustainable Clothing

There’s no hard and fast rule to an LBD; it should just be something you love and want to wear.

Mallow Short Dress, Black Floral | Wearwell Sustainable Ethical Clothing and Accessories

A few of my favorite non-traditional LBDs are the Mallow Short Dress (those sleeves!), the Katie Maxi Wrap Dress, and the Rita Long Sleeve Jumpsuit.

Katie Maxi Wrap Dress, Black | Wearwell Ethical Sustainable Clothing

For more LBD styles, check out our entire collection of dresses.

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