Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping with wearwell

What is wearwell and how does it work?

Wearwell is a monthly online membership service that helps you kick-start your sustainable wardrobe by making it easy to find clothing and accessories that fit your personal style and the impact you want to make. As a wearwell member, you’ll answer questions about your personal style and the causes that are important to you. Your stylist will then send you a monthly selection of curated clothing and accessories to your email inbox each month. You’ll have access to a “virtual storefront” showcasing your selection each month. Browse your monthly selection and buy what you want! Shipping and returns are always free. Plus, you can snooze or stop your membership at any time.

What is The Market?

The Market is wearwell’s collection of jewelry, accessories, and home goods you can shop any time, with or without a monthly wearwell membership.

Do you offer plus or petite sizes?

Wearwell offers clothing in sizes XS to 2X at this time. We’ll be adding more size options in the future.

Do you offer secondhand clothing options?

Yes! Our secondhand clothing program is called wearwellagain. We collect gently used clothing and accessories originally sold through wearwell and get them into a new closet. If you have pieces you’d like to send in, you can request a prepaid shipping label here. Once we receive and process your clothing and accessories, we’ll send you a discount code to put towards a future purchase. We’ll close the loop by including affordable secondhand pieces in wearwell members’ monthly selections! Anything that doesn’t make the cut, we’ll donate to a trusted non-profit partner.

I’m interested in a capsule wardrobe. Is this something wearwell can help me with?

Tell your wearwell stylist that you’re working on building a capsule collection in your profile or in a feedback survey. They’ll take this into account to select clothing that can be paired and layered as a part of your capsule. Your stylist will focus on foundational pieces, as well as accessories or statement pieces that build upon the capsule you’re creating. You can also make specific requests that they can help with.

What is the average price of the clothing and accessories I’ll see in my monthly wearwell selection?

We tailor this to each wearwell member. When you complete your style quiz with wearwell, we ask how much you usually spend on a new shirt, dress, piece of jewelry, and more. Your stylist uses this information to build a selection that’s within a range of how much you usually spend on your clothing and accessories.

How wearwell Membership Works

How much is the membership fee?

Wearwell’s membership is $8.50 per month. Your first month of membership is always free. If you make a purchase from your selection of clothing and accessories, that month’s membership fee will be applied as a discount to your total order that month.

Why do you charge a membership fee?

Membership fees support our stylists, who create each selection uniquely for every member, every month. If you purchase an item from your selection, the $8.50 membership fee will be applied as a discount to your total order that month. 

How soon will I receive a selection after signing up?

It typically takes about 5-7 days from when you first sign up (or when your membership renews each month) for your stylist to create your selection. You’ll receive a notification email each month when your selection is ready. Add to your email provider’s contacts or address book to make sure you receive the email. Pro tip: If you use multiple tabs in your Gmail inbox, be sure to move wearwell emails to your Primary tab!

Do I need a membership to shop from The Market?

Not at all! The Market is wearwell’s curation of accessories, home goods, and more that you can shop whenever you want, with or without a membership. Wearwell membership offers a personalized shopping experience, while The Market allows you to browse and buy for yourself or for gifting to your loved ones at any time.

Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges

Is shipping included?

Yes! We don’t charge shipping fees for purchases or for returns and exchanges.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, wearwell only ships within the United States. We hope to add new shipping locations in the future!

How do I return something?

To request a return, email with your order number and items you would like to return and we’ll send you a prepaid return label that you can use within 5 days. Returns must be sent back within 30 days of the date the items were shipped to you. Once we receive your return, we’ll process it and issue a refund within approximately 5-7 days. Depending on your bank, it can take 5-7 days for this refund to appear on your credit card statement.

We will not honor refunds for items shipped to us without a refund request or on items that have been worn, returned without tags, or otherwise are unable to be resold due to the state they were returned in. Please read our Terms of Service or email us at if you have further questions.

How do I exchange for a different size?

Email noting the clothing you’d like to exchange and the size you’d prefer. We’ll check availability and reply to your request with details to make it happen.

Want to update your profile to reflect different sizing? Log into your wearwell account. Select “Edit My Profile” from the menu on the left side of the page.

Referral Program

How do I refer friends to join wearwell?

You can earn $10 for every friend you refer to sign up for a wearwell membership. To get started, click here to log into your account, click on “Refer a Friend” from the menu on the left side of the page. Invite your friends to join wearwell by sharing your unique referral link or by entering their name and email. Once they join membership, you’ll get a notification of your $10 shopping credit.

Updating Your Profile and Feedback to Your Stylist

How can I update my profile?

Log into your wearwell account. Select “Edit My Profile” from the menu on the left side of the page. Updating your profile periodically helps your stylist get to know you and pick out items that fit your current style and sizing preference.

I want to share my Pinterest board with my stylist! How can I do this?

You can share a Pinterest board with us when completing your style quiz or updating your profile. Simply copy the link to the specific board you’d like to share and enter it in the correct profile field. Please make sure your Pinterest board is marked as ‘public’ so that your stylist can access it. Need to update your profile with your Pinterest board link? Log into your wearwell account. Select “Edit My Profile” from the “My Account” menu, located on the left side of the page.

Can I give my stylist feedback?

Yes! We encourage it. For every selection created for you, you’ll receive an email mid-way through the month asking you what you thought of each piece of clothing and accessories chosen by your stylist. In this same questionnaire, you’ll have the opportunity to share more information with your stylist about items you may be looking for at the moment and ways they can make your selection even better next month. You’re also welcome to email any feedback to and our team will pass it along to your stylist directly.

Manage your wearwell membership

How do I manage my wearwell membership?

You can manage your membership by logging into your wearwell account and selecting “Manage My Subscription” from the menu on the left side of the page. Here, you can see your renewal date or pause your membership.

Can I pause my membership at any time?

Yes! Whether you’re on a budget, having a baby, or simply taking a little break from shopping, you can choose to pause your membership at any time prior to your next renewal date by logging into your wearwell account and clicking “Manage My Subscription” in the menu on the left. Select the “Pause My Membership” option and follow the prompts to snooze your membership for 1, 3, or 6 months. You will not be charged a membership fee while your account is on hold. When your membership reactivates after the pause period, your profile and account information will be saved and ready for your stylist to create your next selection. You can always choose to unpause your membership early by going to the same place in “My Account.”

What is wearwell’s cancelation policy?

You can choose to cancel your wearwell membership at any time prior to the date your membership next renews. Just send us an email at and we’ll take care of it! Please contact us at least 3 days prior to your membership renewal date to give our team time to process your inquiry. If you request to cancel after your membership renews that month, your membership charge will not be refunded as your stylist may already be working on your next selection. You can view your renewal date by logging into your wearwell account and select “Manage My Subscription” from the menu on the left side of the page.

How do I update or change my payment method?

Simply log into your account and select “Payment Methods” from the menu on the left side of the page. Click “Add Payment Method” to enter and save your new credit card information. After adding your new credit card information, click “Manage My Subscription” and follow the prompts to edit your payment details affiliated with your monthly membership fee. If you’d like to delete your old payment information, you can do so under “Payment Methods” after you’ve updated the payment information affiliated with your membership. 

Gift Cards

How do I purchase a gift card?

Click here to purchase a gift card. You can enter the recipient details and a personal note to the recipient on the checkout page.

How do I use my gift card?

Redeem your gift card by entering the code you received in your email on the checkout page when making a purchase. Click the prompt “​​HAVE A PROMO CODE OR GIFT CARD?” at the top of the page and enter your gift card code. Your remaining balance will be available for future purchases when logged into the same account.