Living wearwell

Conscious brands that look great.

You want to buy from brands that make the world better.

But you don’t want to give up the styles you love or spend hours scouring online shops or blogs to find clothes that look good and do good.

We hear you — and we did the work for you. We’ve scouted the best conscious brands and sorted their offerings so we can pinpoint the items that are just right for you.

Your style.
Your causes.


Your clothes express your personal creativity.

Now they can also express your values.

When you fill out your style profile, you’ll tell us not just about what you love to wear, but also how you want to change the world.

Your wearwell stylist will make sure every piece we send you reflects both.

Personal style.
Powerful impact.

Here’s the “secret” about ethical shopping that we want everyone to find out: It’s even more fun than regular shopping. With wearwell, you aren’t just buying a dress or a sweater. You’re also getting powerful connections with the people you help and the brands you want to tell the world about. You’ll learn the inspiring story behind each piece we send you. We hope you’ll share these brands and stories with others. Change can happen one “I love that! Where did you get it?” conversation at a time.