The only thing more sustainable than shopping with wearwell: wearwellagain.

Wearwell is taking our sustainability to the next level with wearwellagain. Our secondhand program collects your gently used wearwell clothing and accessories and gets them into a new closet.

How It Works

wearwellagain collects your gently used wearwell clothing and accessories, getting them into a new wardrobe, and you get a discount to put toward a future purchase!

The details: Ship us your gently used wearwell pieces that you’d like to pass on (we’ll cover the shipping cost!). Once we receive and process your pre-loved pieces, we’ll send you a discount code to apply to a future purchase based on the number of items we accept for resale through wearwellagain:

1-4 items accepted: 5% coupon

5-9 items accepted: 10% coupon

10+ items accepted: 15% coupon

We’ll close the loop by including affordable secondhand pieces in our wearwellagain collection!

Get Started

Select the number of items you're sending in: - wearwell

Select the number of items you're sending in:

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How It Works: 

  1. Gather up your gently used wearwell clothing and accessories. 
  2. Select the number of items from the drop-down menu above and follow the prompts to check out. 
  3. Check your email for a confirmation and pre-paid label (sent within 1-2 business days).
  4. Print your confirmation email and include this in your shipment. Drop your labeled package off at a USPS location within 30 days. 
  5. Once we process your gently used items (processing time is approximately 2 weeks), we'll email you a coupon code to put toward a future purchase! 


Please note: Shipments received without a printed confirmation email included cannot be processed. If you send in your shipment without the confirmation email included, you will not receive a discount code. Additionally, all items must be sent in clean, freshly laundered condition.

Coupon codes you may receive based on the number of accepted items are for one-time use only toward a future purchase. They cannot be be applied to multiple orders or retroactively applied to past purchases.

What happens to items we don’t accept? We’ve partnered with Project HOME, based near our Philadelphia headquarters, to donate clothing and accessories that are resold in their consignment shop in Philadelphia or given to an individual in need.