Why wearwell

We’re Erin and Emily, two friends
who care about both personal
style and social impact.

The two of us were frustrated by something that’s probably bothered you, too. We wanted to buy our clothes from brands that actually do good for others and for the planet. But shopping ethically is a lot of work. Who has time to hunt down brands that suit your style, fit your budget, and support the causes you’re passionate about?

We knew there had to be a better way. And with our backgrounds in working for change around the globe, we decided to do something about it.

And that’s how wearwell was born. We’re providing a service that makes it downright effortless to shop for clothes you love from brands that share your values.

Just tell us about your style, your causes, your sizing, and your budget. We take it from there. You’ll receive a monthly selection of items from top conscious brands selected just for you by a personal stylist — and you’ll also learn exactly how each piece is making the world better. Purchase what you love, and look forward to next month.

Personal Styling

Your wearwell experience starts when you tell us about the looks and the causes you love in your style profile.

From there, your wearwell stylist will select clothes for you that reflect your personal creativity and your values.

All pieces are chosen from high-quality, fashion-forward lines that “walk the talk” when it comes to making an impact.

All you have to do is try everything on.