5 Questions with Sustainable Jewelry Brand Romy Studio

Wearwell's Co-Founder, Emily Kenney, chats with the Owner + Jewelry Designer at Romy Studio, Camille Hay, based in Washington, DC. Camille shares about her love of bold statement earrings and how she’s growing her brand to offer more styles and be even more sustainable.  

Emily Kenney: What motivated you to start Romy Studio?

Camille Hay: I started Romy Studio when I was working a corporate job. I had a lot of free time and wanted to do something creative so I started making polymer clay earrings in the evenings. Initially, this was just a fun creative outlet for me, but now it's my full-time job!


Emily: I love that you turned something you simply enjoyed doing into your full-time job! Have you always had a strong interest in jewelry design and fashion?

Camille: I grew up obsessed with Teen Vogue and browsing collections on Style.com so I was always interested in fashion. My interest in jewelry didn't start until I chopped off most of my hair in 2018. I never really wore earrings, but after I cut my hair, I started wearing bold statement earrings. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals in my wardrobe, so I love having a pop of color on my ears!

Pebble Dangle Polymer Clay Handmade Earrings, Pink | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Jewelry

Pebble Dangle Earrings, Himalayan Pink

Emily: What’s one piece of advice you would give someone who is just beginning to shop more consciously?

Camille: Try exploring your local boutiques and small online stores before you head to big box stores! In my experience, smaller businesses are not only more conscious about sustainability, but they also put a great deal of care and detail into their products. 

Emily: I completely agree! We’re a small team here at wearwell and many of our brand partners are also. It’s so gratifying when people shop from small brands who care deeply about how their pieces are made! To shift gears a little, in 3 words, how do you describe your brand’s aesthetic?

Handmade Polymer Clay Drop Hoop, Terra Cotta | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Jewelry and Accessories

Drop Hoop, Terra Cotta

Camille: I would describe Romy Studio as bold, modern, and playful!

Emily: And what’s next for you - any exciting sustainability initiative or new designs that you’re looking forward to?

Camille: My new one-of-a-kind collection is made from scrap clay from my previous collection in order to minimize waste as much as possible. Over the next year, I'm looking forward to testing out some new materials and finally working on something other than earrings!

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