Styling As A Service


White-label solution for custom personalized shopping experiences that win customer loyalty + skyrocket LTV.

We handle the how-to’s, you earn the customer relationship.

Personal Styling lifts repeat purchase rates above 83%. It's a no brainer for any retailer building long-term relationships with their customers.

Why Work With Us

Seamless Online Shopping Experience

Your customer shops their personalized selection of curated products alongside your entire online store and checks out smoohtly in one transaction.

No Extra Return Logistics Necessary

Our online styling solution integrates with your existing e-commerce platforms; the customer buys what they want from their styling experience and can request returns just as they would during any other transaction.

Less inventory means less waste

Because our styling solution is digital, inventory isn’t reserved for a customer. They buy what they want upfront. No more try-on-at-home periods where inventory sits with customers for days and comes back damaged.

Kick-start your customer experience

Learn how personalized shopping experiences can win customer loyalty + skyrocket your LTV.


"Personalized experiences make customers feel valued and understood, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand."

- Ad Week

"As retailers compete for online consumers, they’re increasingly adding a personal touch to their services. Besides Saks, retailers including Macy’s and David’s Bridal have introduced personalized styling services for consumers in recent years."

- Retail Dive

"Today’s customers expect a personalized experience when they are shopping."

- McKinsey

Kick-start your customer experience

Leverage The Power of Styling For Your Brand

Ready. Set. Style.

Explore how personal styling can lift your repeat purchase rate + build long-term relationships with your customers.