How to Give Your Home a Sustainable Refresh for Summer

Flowers are blooming and the sun is out, so it must (finally) be summertime! While this season often means shedding layers, it’s also the perfect time to give your home a refresh — and we’ll show you how to do it sustainably:

Free The Clutter From Your Closet

Start with an inventory of what you have in your closet. Then, ask yourself what you really need and what you actually wear. Are you still holding onto several fancy dresses in case you get invited to a formal event? Let them go. How about that back-up pair of jeans you haven’t worn in 2 years? Let them go. The wearwell dress that you love but you’re ready to make room for something new? Send it into wearwellagain - our secondhand program. We take your gently-used wearwell clothing and accessories and get them into a new closet. Plus, you get a discount on your next purchase!

Refresh Your Living Room

Decide which knick-knacks and decor stay and which ones can go. Try the Marie Kondo approach: Which ones truly add joy to your life? Then, give the room a top-to-bottom cleaning before adding fresh additions to the space.

Woven Wall Hanging, Grey | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Woven Wall Hanging, Grey

The Woven Wall Hanging is a neutral that fits with every aesthetic while making your living room look and feel texturally unique and chic.


One easy way to bring freshness into the home is to add a new scent. Try the Cube Candle Duo in the bright, seasonal Garden Party or Palo Santo + Mahogany for warmth any time of year. 

Cube Candle Duo | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Home Goods

Cube Candle Duo

No sofa, sectional, or loveseat is quite complete with an accent pillow, so opt for the Lumbar Accent Pillow to get a little back support while still sporting a stylish seat option.

Lumbar Accent Pillow Cover, Santiago Raised Stripe | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Lumbar Accent Pillow Cover, Santiago Raised Stripe

Add Something Seasonal to the Dining Room 

Adding rich textures in natural hues to your dining room to give it a little extra oomph and warmth without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

Zarava Rattan Trivet, Natural Woven | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Zarava Rattan Trivet

The Zarava Rattan Trivet instantly elevates the entire dining experience, and the matching Phala Tray is a gorgeous addition to your table. Simply display with your favorite vase and candles arranged on top.

Square Pillow Cover, Lago Blue + White | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Square Pillow Cover, Lago

While chairs are an essential part of your dining room, it’s easy to focus on function over aesthetics, so add the Square Pillow Cover to a chair to give it a little comfort and a lot of style.

Reusable Sponges, Taupe | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Reusable Sponges, Taupe

Looking for an easy but sustainable clean-up after your meals? Try the zero-waste Reusable Sponges to clear the table and counters without using a single paper towel. They are great for post-dinner party tidying and even heavy-duty wipe-downs after the kiddos have a meal. 

Get Better Sleep
Studies show that peaceful and well organized bedroom leads to a more restful slumber, and often the most cluttered area of a bedroom is the nightstand. Here are a few necessities to help you sleep tight:

Blanket Throw | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Blanket Throw

The Blanket Throw is the perfect layer to add to your bedding. Use it solo when the temperatures rise or an extra layer for a little more weight and warmth when fall rolls around. 

Zarava Rattan Coasters Set | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Home Decor

Zarava Rattan Coasters Set

So many people sleep with a glass of water by the bed. Save your nightstand from rings by keeping a simple yet chic Zarava Rattan Coaster underneath to collect any water droplets.

Manifestation Journal | Wearwell Sustainable, Ethical Clothing and Accessories
Manifestation Journal

If you’re someone who struggles with falling asleep, keep the Manifestation Journal or the Intention Journal on your nightstand. As you get in bed, write down everything you have on your mind, so you can slumber without worrying you’ll forget anything by morning.

Still looking for inspiration for your home? Check out what we’ve got for you in our wearwell At Home collection.

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