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I love the flexibility, the recommendations, and the sourced garments. Beautiful, ethical, environmentally friendly, AND free returns if things don't fit me properly. Can't be beat! - Sarah C.

I love that this service exists! I always want to buy sustainable clothes but it can be hard to find. - Blair M.


Yes! But you miss out on 10% off on every order, free shipping, perks, rewards, gifts, and more.

Yes! Annual members get over $65 in extra perks, including seasonal styling sessions and a welcome gift. All for a lower membership fee per month.

Members can choose to be styled by a wearwell personal stylist as often as they want for $10 per styling session (think of this as your own virtual personal styling service!). Annual members get 4 personal styling sessions per year included in their membership.

Skip months whenever you want, reschedule your renewals, and stop your membership all within the membership portal. You can cancel your membership anytime up until your next renewal date.

Yes! If you want to be styled by a wearwell personal stylist, they'll need your sizing and style information to get started. Take our style quiz before you get your stylist's picks!

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