Our Process

Have confidence that your purchase is making an impact.

Wearwell makes it easy. When we learn of a brand that may meet our impact criteria, we complete the following process to vet the brand and bring them into the wearwell community: 

Step One

Verify Brand's Impact + Business Model

Initial Assessment

Assess how the brand defines + measures their own impact


Chat with the brand to learn more about their production process + environmental impact


Look for third-party certifications where possible to further validate impact

Step Two

Identify the Best Way to Partner with Brand


Work with the brand to understand how we can best structure our partnership for mutual growth


Collaborate on marketing initiatives to grow awareness within the wearwell community


Find opportunities to deepen our work together with unique product offerings and more

Step Three

Launch on wearwell + Continue to Grow Our Partnership


Promote brand’s products + impact story widely to the wearwell community 

Check In

Check in often with our partners to learn about updates to their production, team, + products


Gather ongoing impact data to keep the details we communicate up-to-date 

Each time you view a product on wearwell, you’ll find the impact story of each brand and see icons that help you quickly learn how they are making the greatest impact on people + planet with your purchase. Here are the icons to look for: 

Sustainable + Ethical Production Certifications

Sustainable Materials + Production

Workers' Rights

Impactful Business Model

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Values + Giving

Want to dive deeper? Learn how we define each of the impact icons.