Wearwell’s 2023 Impact Report

What you buy matters. We believe that wearwell's role in changing the fashion industry is directly tied to making it easier for people to support the causes they care about through their purchases.

From day one, every brand partner that we source from has been vetted for specific workers' rights and environmental impact criteria. Today, we’re partnered with nearly 50 brands that meet the very highest standards. 

We’re serious about those standards

When it comes to workers’ rights, this can mean fair and/or living wages, access to a safe and secure work environment, the right to unionize, access to healthcare, and additional support such as education, microloans, or health services for employees and/or their children.

And when we’re talking about the environment, we mean minimizing impact across the supply chain through things like the use of: organic materials, deadstock fabrics, zero waste processes, carbon-neutral factories, nontoxic and low impact dyes, circular processes, low or no water, and salvaged or upcycled materials. (Curious about our vetting process? Read about it here.

To put added commitment behind our values and mission, we joined 1% for the Planet last year. We’re proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet community of companies that donate 1% of sales to nonprofits tackling our planet’s most pressing issues. Our 2022 contribution was donated to FABSCRAP - a nonprofit working to end textile waste in the fashion industry, a mission near and dear to our team's vision of a more sustainable fashion industry.

Three women wearing ethical and sustainable black wrap dresses wearwell

What this means for you

As sustainability becomes even buzzier, it’s hard to know which brands you can trust and which are greenwashing. But with wearwell, you know that:  

100% of our brand partners produce ethically. 
100% of our brand partners use environmentally responsible materials and processes. 
56% of our brand partners even give back to their communities in additional ways beyond their ethical and sustainable production. 

Positive impact in the making of every piece we sell is a must, and so is ensuring that wearwell contributes to a more equitable society. Today, our brand partners are 87% women-owned and 30% BIPOC-owned. We plan to continue increasing the representation of women and BIPOC-owned brands at wearwell - stay tuned for new brand partners launching at wearwell every month! 

In addition to the impact our brands make, we donate 1% of every order to a nonprofit of your choosing at no cost to you. We’ve partnered with Beam Impact so that each purchase at wearwell also supports causes like reproductive justice, racial equity, LGBTQIA+ equity, clean oceans, and fabric recycling.

Three women walking in ethical and sustainable clothing and accessories jewelry purses from wearwell

Looking ahead 

Our work here is never done. As wearwell grows, we’ll continue to evaluate the brands that we work with, shift and improve where needed, and identify what we can do to ensure that our community’s purchases make the greatest positive impact possible. Because of this, we publish this information and update you on our impact at least once a year. 

Curious about your personal impact? 

Today, you can read in detail about the impact of each brand we partner with when viewing any product on our site.

 Screenshots of wearwell's brand partners impact information for sustainable and ethical clothing and accessories

You’ll find visual badge icons like this on every page so that you can feel confident about the positive change you’re contributing to:

Screenshot examples of wearwell's brand partner impact in icons for ethics and sustainability

Scroll just below the product details to see at a glance what kind of ethical and sustainable impact your purchases make. 

Want to learn more about our impact? Discover more about wearwell’s standards and sourcing process here.

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